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You are far from being a poor composer. This is a really impressive song. Very eclectic, I like how you switch from one setting to another. Fantastic ending as well.

Keep up the great music.

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Bosa responds:

You have been an old friend and a long-term musician on this website. It is fine to hear from you again after so long. I ask that you continue your musical pursuits as well -- this website can benefit from both of our expertise.

Lovely, fantastical piece. Great job with this piece.

I haven't been on newgrounds in a while, but it's nice to see that that Classical section of the AP is still in the good hands of a few fantastic composers.

Keep it up, I really respect your work.

NickPerrin responds:

Oh man! It's Winterwind! Back from the dead!
Seriously it's good to hear from you. I'm sure you've been up to some pretty cool stuff. I was reminiscing about your old music lately, actually...

Two things I must say though - I also rarely use the AP anymore myself, and in fact 90% of my latest work is not here (and there's been a good deal of it). I've only really uploaded recently thanks to the contest that this was entered in. Secondly - follow the link in the description of this track! The full version of this track is what I really meant for it to be, and definitely better than this cut! Feel free to leave another review on that one. ;)

Hope to hear some killer new tunes from you sometime. Now I want to make some solo piano work again, I'm reminded of all the piano stuff we both did years ago...

I was expecting orchestral music, but instead got this and I'm not disappointed at all. I can absolutely imagine this being a really fun song to listen to during a game.
It loops very well too, great job on this.

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Waterflame responds:

Thanks :D yeah i messed the genres up, fixed now !

Great song

Yeah I definitely heard this before you pm'd me about it, it's a great listen. Definitely sounds like there would be tons of different patterns and whatnot, where as in my "Pale Ice", there aren't nearly as many, but instead I used tons of effects and automation clips.
Again, great song.
Hard to believe it only took you 15 hours


tijnn responds:

hehe well it could well be it were less than 15 hours, i usually don't spend a lot of time on the same song, which i should start doing

Thanks for the review though!


Thanks for dropping by with the review

But honestly though, I would've felt bad if my "Pale Ice" loop placed higher than this one, I'm really liking this.
It's got a hint of various genres all in one.
Nice job and congrats
5'd 10'd fav'd


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Helth responds:

wow thanks man! i think ur is great too =D


thanks ^^,


Had I been a judge for this month's MAC, I would've definitely without hesitation consider you in the top of all the other submissions. This track is perfect in almost every way. What attracted me most compared to the other submissions with piano in them is how the way the piano is played here, very freely. But, near the end starting around 2:22 where the right hand livens up a bit, it loses a bit of the realistic feeling though. It would've helped much here if you stretched the tempo like you did in the beginning. I like where it was headed, when you started intensifying the momentum.
Ending was just perfect.

Goodluck in the MAC, I honesly hope you get placed fairly.


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broove responds:

To be honest, I didn't write this song specially for MAC - it was a regular submission. When I found out about the MAC, I realised that the theme actually suits the song.
To be honest 2, I'm not good at piano (bought my MIDI keyboard a year ago, but I really got fascinated with it). There's much computer editing going on, but I really tried to make this song realistic by changing tempo, velocity and other little things. Near the end I used quantization and that's why it may lose the realistic feeling.

Thanks for the review, mate!


this song is great, but it sounds a bit too wet overall
the first four notes in the bass really reminded me of clubbed to death

DavidOrr responds:

Hey Winterwind!
Balancing the reverbs was pretty tough- I wanted to keep the guitar and drums in the front of the mix, so I had to make everything else a bit wetter. I'll go back and see if I can rework the reverbs for a later release. Thanks for the input, much appreciated!


I believe that the songs that you upload to this site are supposed to be your original works.

"When you submit your audio, please be aware:
* You are making the legal claim that it is your own original work."

But I gave this a ten because I just love this piece way too much. I can only play half of the movements of the original piano version. I never heard this transcription, which is definitely damn cool. I've heard Ravel's and Stokowski's (which is intense).
The ending to Gnomus was slow, but nicely executed. Wow, and the Castle movement is incredible too. It was kinda funny how they skipped two whole movements, Tuileries and Bydlo like that.
The Hut of Baba Yaga movement sounded like a marching band version with that allofthesudden drumline haha. Can't go wrong with the Great Gate of Kiev.

I'm not entirely sure why I left this review for a song by a composer who died in 1881. Either way, don't submit more and we're cool haha at least you have good taste.


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Fantastic piece

Made me think of the Edward Scissorhand's score at brief moments in the beginning, even though it's very different. The piece didn't go too far, but as a solo piece it's still quite pleasant and simple. Doesn't draw too much attention, which is good for the genre of flash films this could fit in.
Nice job.

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