Entry #19

It's been 2+ years since I was last on here.

2012-03-28 23:12:53 by Winterwind-NS

The last thing I remember is people freaking out about paragonx9 being a female. Monthly Audio Contests still around? Ads seem to be still aplenty. I'm sure lots of things have changed with new features n such.

What's new around here?


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2012-03-29 00:29:41

edd from eddsworld died :(

Winterwind-NS responds:

Damn, no way. That's really too bad.


2012-03-29 00:36:53

Welcome back! For a while, I stopped using NG as well, but I've been using it alot again. I always knew paragonx9 was a female lol

@1337 - Yeah man, I really can't believe he's gone. Way too soon, and too young :(

Winterwind-NS responds:

Yeah, not sure if I'll be using it as much as I used to, but I guess that mostly depends on if I get the musical critique that I'm looking for on my recent music that I'm submitting here.


2012-03-29 15:00:00

New layout if you haven't noticed and Edd jsut passing away is really consuming the site but if you check out the new movies the classic animators who are still around are pretty much still running the site. RicePirate Mike is probably the only new true standout and hotdiggedydemon sort of left the site. But anyways man welcome back home to newgrounds and hopefully we'll see a couple of new pieces of music from you perhaps?

Winterwind-NS responds:

Absolutely, in fact, I already posted one yesterday (demo reel). The new layout was the first thing i noticed, and yeah, I still recognized a lot of these names. Pretty cool that they're still around.


2013-01-20 18:17:04

Always good to see people coming back, especially if they're as talented as you are.
I can't wait to see another hit on the top audio list. Cheers mate!


2013-01-22 11:35:29

The classical music section is still populated by 12-year-olds, so that's the same. Actually, it seems like zeroing is even worse now than before.