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Winterwind-NS's News

Posted by Winterwind-NS - March 28th, 2012

The last thing I remember is people freaking out about paragonx9 being a female. Monthly Audio Contests still around? Ads seem to be still aplenty. I'm sure lots of things have changed with new features n such.

What's new around here?

Posted by Winterwind-NS - December 13th, 2009

In case some people missed the memo, Rtil from TBA is having a live streaming of his latest cartoon, The Lighthouse Girl, today, created by artists, Ryan and Jenna.
The first showing just finished and I'm very happy with how it turned out/how well it was received and I feel tremendously grateful to have been able to take part in its creation (I scored the music).
With about 5 minutes of film to score, it took me about a month and a half to write. In the near future, I might be creating pdf files of the full orchestra sheet music for any musicians out there that are curious about my orchestration/instrumentation/other nonsense. Mp3s of the music will be available too.

The showings tonight are at:
10AM GMT-8
look up a time zone converter if you don't know what these numbers and letters mean for you.

also, it will later be uploaded to Vimeo and I think someone captured the live stream and is planning to post it on youtube (or maybe he was joking) so you can check it out there also.

Oh, also, fan me on my facebook music page!

The Lighthouse Girl -Live Event-

Posted by Winterwind-NS - June 8th, 2009

Except minus the twitter part.
If you enjoy my tunes, feel free to fan me on my facebook music page. I won't mind much.

Here's a facebook ad for myself that I failed to put up because somewhere in it, facebook thinks there are inappropriate words or phrases in there.

Facebook Twitter

Posted by Winterwind-NS - May 8th, 2009

I present to you my latest and personal favorite song that I completed just last night. It's a birthday song for this sooper dooper fern of mine. It features the vocal talent by Kyle.

Be sure to give it a listen, follow along with the lyrics, and be prepared to be emotionally moved.

here's the album cover by Theo-Art

I Feel Like Dancing!

Posted by Winterwind-NS - March 8th, 2009

This is kinda late making a post about the In My Arms Collab, but yeah, my latest song was used in the intro sequence of that flash. If you're very oblivious or just an all-round slow person and haven't noticed the collab yet, you totally should.

The song used in the collab, Pale Ice, is doing surprisingly well (no. 5 best of the week). It was spotted by Bryce Milburn, who contacted me and requested to have it used in his latest promotional video for the global Shake The World event. (Join the facebook event if you haven't already!)
I was pretty damn happy about it, but I tried to keep my cool (not sure though how good of a job I did at seeming so [I hope he's not reading this]).
So yeah, check it out!

I used a lot of links didn't I.

Shake The World

Posted by Winterwind-NS - February 10th, 2009

Ok, these aren't that new, but here they are for people who haven't visited my youtube page or whatever.

/* */
I made this one for my friends half birthday, Rachel! (half, because I'm a neglectful friend and missed it on her actual birthday to go on vacation).

ALSO, sheet music for this piece is for sale $3.95 through Paypal. Help me reach sufficient funds to get me an Aura Core shirt that I need.

If you do, I'll love you long time.

/* */
This is a piano arrangement of the Basque National Anthem that took me way longer than it should've to finish. If you ask where the Basque country is, I'll slap you in the forehead and tell you to do some research. Then call you a lazy bum.
I kid >:^}B

If you go to my youtube page, you can see those two videos (and a few others) in HD!

Also I made a DeviantArt account where I will be uploading demos and whatnot so yeah, just another place to find me.

optimus prime

Posted by Winterwind-NS - December 14th, 2008

One of my favorite early works. Also a family favorite. (not to mention Fuoco's favorite). Go to my youtube page to see it in freakin awesome HD resolution.

/* */
Etude in D - something I made to help prepare me for Chopin's ocean etude no. 12 op. 25

/* */
Two videos of original pieces, one old, the other new.

This was recorded totally on a whim with no sheet music on me, minutes after I took my geology final early in the morning so there are plenty of mistakes.
I'll rerecord these later in the week.

oh and sheet music to these are available of course for sale.

Posted by Winterwind-NS - December 8th, 2008

First semester is done. I'm trying to relax as much as possible and hopefully get some serious music done or I'm gonna burst.
Over the course of this few months hiatus, I learned two chopin etudes (no. 3 in E op. 10 and no. 12 in Cm op. 25) aaaaaaaaand that's about it, musically. No new pieces.

Also, in much more important news, Bliss, a music video collaboration by (family) members of Aura Core, was released a few hours ago.
At first, I felt obligated to advertise this animation in the form of a newspost, but now I'm remembering all the fun I had getting to better know the other members of Aura Core, who are now practically kin to me (seriously, these guys are incredible), thus making this not obligatory at all, but mainly to express this newfound affinity that I now gratefully enjoy on the daily.

It's lovely.

I wasn't as active in terms of the animation clearly because, well, I'm not a flash artist, but I highly enjoyed the few moments (2) when I was needed to come up with a quick tune. It's a great feeling to be needed.

Also, I just finished a new song, it's not classical, it's a mix between ambient, breakbeat, and classical. Dedicated to my AC buddies.

Sentiments aside, I'm trying to keep myself busy again. I am currently working on a few things, now that I have free time (kinda) listed in order of how close it is to completion.

1.) A quasi-full orchestra piece
2.) Piano Transcription of a certain National Anthem (free sheet music will be available)
3.) I might turn that short song in the Bliss intro into a full length song (but it'll probably flop)
4.) A few little musical ditties for animations by Aura peoples.

I probably have more to say, but it's a little past 3am and i've been checking up, somewhat quite obsessively, on the status of Bliss every 5 or so minutes.
So there will be more.

OH, and go here
Aura-Core offers free candy

Posted by Winterwind-NS - September 29th, 2008

bye for now.

Posted by Winterwind-NS - June 10th, 2008

All sheet music to my songs are no longer free. Sorry, but I'm about to go to college in the fall and I know I'm gonna be sorry in the future if I didn't make this move now. This idea came to me when (so far) three people pm'ed me that they were willing to pay for sheet music. Let's get into details now.

1.) Each nocturne/prelude/caprice/petit morceau will be priced at $2.95 (which is a dollar less than the usual price for solo piano scores)
2.) The simultaneous purchase of any 3 nocturne/prelude/caprice/petit morceau will be priced at $6.95 saving you a bit of money rather than purchasing them one by one.
3.) Piano + Instrument pieces are $3.95 (for example, my Fading Memories piece for piano and solo Oboe)
4.) I'm still going to refrain from selling my orchestral pieces that I've composed before today, except my Respite in Eb major and possibly my Requiem for the Great Citizen for $5.95 (when they're available).
5.) All future orchestral pieces that I will compose will have available sheet music and will be for sale immediately upon the song's submission to the AP (still $5.95)
6.) All bagatelles will be 99 cents each.

EDIT: The entire sheet music to the full version of Marche au Chateau in G minor is now available for $5.95!

With money now involved, I have been making the scores look more professional with tempo markings, italian expression texts, dynamics, articulations, etc. All scores made in Sibelius 5.0

All transactions will be made through PayPal. The email address associated with the account is Justblaze981@aol.com. EMAIL ME to buy a score. DO NOT PM ME about it. After the money has been transferred, I will email you a .pdf file of the desired piece.

Thus far, I have scores to:

Sketch for String Orchestra no. 1 Elegie for a Free Tibet in E minor
Marche au Chateau in G minor
Respite in Eb major
Elegie for Oboe Piano and String Orchestra in C minor
Impromptu no. 1 in C# minor
The Village Minute Dance
Bagatelle no. 1 in A minor
Bagatelle no. 2 in G# minor
Butterfly Voice in E major
For Stephanie in Db Major
L'angoisse Romantique I. Melancholie in B minor
L'angoisse Romantique II. L'amour in D major (Nocturne no. 9 For Daziella)
L'angoisse Romantique III. Sans Retour in E minor
L'angoisse Romantique V. Melancholie in D minor
Nocturne no. 3 in C minor
Nocturne no. 4 in C minor
Nocturne no. 10 in G# minor Tristesse
Caprice for Solo Violin in B minor Variations I-X
Prelude no. 6 in F minor For a Story yet to Begin
Prelude no. 7 in F# minor
Prelude no. 8 in C minor Last Snowfall
Un Petit Morceau in A minor
Three Impressionistic Pieces - I. Tarantella in C major
Three Impressionistic Pieces - II. Pensées in A minor

Please comment if I've left something out because I feel like I have.
Thanks for your time!


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